On this page i will share every bit of knowledge about synth modules, that i will design for my own pleasure.

All projects will be open source, with a full set of information including all toner-transfer print-layouts and a full BOM

All components will be surface mount, most PCBs doublesided.

All revision numbers follow the same system:




AA – revision number

BB – week of the year (of 52)

CC – year, eg 17 for 2017


Please also make sure about additional letters (X) next to revision numbers follwing this system:


D – The module is complete fantasy and might include components not suitable for the job and or fundamental design flaws

C – The module should do what it was designed for, but was never tested in real life.

B – The module was built on a perfboard or on the workbench with open wires, but i made a proof that it works

A – I built 2 or 3 and gave it to some friends which test them on their systems


If there is no letter next to the normal revision number, everything is fine, and tested and working.

After that, a revision could be made if a component like a special pushbutton is canceled or some graphical change or component rearrangement has been made.

There is also a reserved Instructable and guithub account, where i might post tutorials and host firmwares in the future.

Currently (as of oct 2017) i have 6 modules ready, and will upload them step by step, eg as i find the time to make all the illustrator graphics, testings and code cleanings.